Bullying is a serious matter and as such is dealt with firmly by our school when it occurs. Thankfully bullying is very rare in our school but when it does happen we work with both the perpetrator and victim and their parents to ensure that both are supported.

You can read our Anti Bullying Policy here.

It is really important that parents have a clear understanding of what bullying is because falling out from time to time with other children at school is a natural part of growing up but bullying isn't.

Indeed children learn how to get on with other children at school and this helps to shape how they interact with others for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes this can lead to them learning that being nasty, calling someone a name or occasionally hitting someone can lose them a friend and  make them lonely.

You can be sure that if this happens our school will deal with the child who has made this mistake to ensure that they learn not to do it again and re-assure the child who has suffered. When a child fails to heed a warning and can't seem to prevent themselves from hurting another child or children then I will take action to ensure that this child does not go back into the playground until I am happy that they can play safely with other children. However children do make mistakes and there is no magic wand in changng behaviour (if only there was!).

We have consulted with childen, parents and governors to define bullying as everyone seems to have their own understanding of what it is.

We have adopted the Department for Education definition of bullying.

Therefore bullying is:

"Behaviour by an individual or group usually repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual either physically or emotionally."

If you think your child may be being bullied then in the first instance you need to see the class teacher who will investigate the situation and will speak to me as Headteacher.The intention of this information is that you make an informed judgement about whether to call in and speak to the classteacher.

For more information please click here. Please be aware that different organisations have very different definitions of bullying, but for the sake of clarity, the definition above is the one which any investigation will be based upon.

Anti Bullying Week 2015 16th - 20th November