16 January 2016

St Nicholas Church of England Primary School – Back to our Roots!

St Nicholas Church of England Primary School has been announced as the winner of the Blackpool Civic Trust Environmental Award for Primary Schools 2015.  A brief account of what we have been doing which won the judges over is outlined below.

The school has built a project around the history and traditions of the school in celebrating the Moss market gardening heritage.

In days gone by the school taught market gardening to its pupils and the pupils of today are taught how to look after chickens and sell the eggs as a business. They grow produce such as tomatoes and strawberries (which the Moss is famous for) as well as blackcurrents, raspberries, blueberries, redcurrents, chillies, potatoes, courgettes, peas and various herbs including garlic in raised beds at the front of the school.

The children learn that produce like this begins with a seed rather than at the supermarket and have created their own tomato soup, strawberry jam and blackcurrent and raspberry jam. This has been sold to parents so that the children have funds for next year’s seeds.