25 January 2018

We've been informed today that there will be roadworks at the junction of Progress Way and Midgeland Road beginning on Monday 29th January.

We have been in touch with United Utilities to get more details on exactly what this will look like and have been told the following:

  • The first stage will be the closure of the lefthand, eastbound lane.  This will probably slow traffic down but will not stop vehicles from turning right into Midgeland Road towards School Road.
  • The second stage will be the closure of both eastbound and westbound righthand lanes.  Eastbound traffic will not be able to turn right into Midgeland Road but will be directed to the end of Progress Way, to turn round at the roundabout and come back up the westbound carriage, where it can then turn left into Midgeland Road.
  • The final stage will be the closure of the lefthand, westbound land.
  • This whole piece of work is due to finish on 12th March.

Please try to allow plenty of time to get to school in a morning if you think this might affect you.