Welcome to Our Church School!


St Nicholas Church of England Primary School truly is a family school and I hope that through this website you will begin to feel a little of that family ethos.

We are a growing school on the southern most tip of Blackpool and have a hard earned reputation for a good sound education which not only develops children academically but socially, emotionally and spiritually.

We believe that a values-based, Christian education provides a sound basis for success in life and that if we work hand in hand with parents, there is no dream that our children can't achieve.

Our staff and governors are dedicated to providing the children with a curriculum and learning experience which meets their individual needs and pushes them forward in their learning journey at their pace.

We believe that we are all on a learning journey and that it is the joy of learning new things which enriches our lives. We embrace new ideas and modern technology to equip our learners with understanding and skills for the future as well as developing an appreciation of the world around them which God has created.

St Nicholas school is very much a team made up of children, staff, parents, governors and our local church, St Christopher and St Nicholas, Hawes Side, and we work hard together to achieve our vision statement:

Our vision

We prepare every pupil for their best future by ensuring they reach their full potential and attain the knowledge, skills and understanding required for success as we believe that ‘With God, all things are possible’.  Matthew 19:26


We hope that you enjoy looking through our website and find it informative and useful.  We update our site at least weekly, so make sure that you call back regularly to catch the latest news. If you have any further enquiries about the school please don't hesitate to ring Mrs Jackson in the school office, on the number at the top of the page, who will be glad to help.

Miss C.Taylor