The aim of our school is to provide all children with an outstanding education which helps them to not only achieve in line with or above nationally expected standards, but also equips them with the life skills which will see them succeed at High School and beyond in the workplace so that all children lead happy and productive lives.

The measure of any school is the extent to which it helps children to make progress from varying starting points when they enter school. Our school makes more than nationally expected progress with pupils many of whom begin school below national expectation and then leave 7 years later at or above nationally expected levels.

This page contains some of the data which helps to show the extent to which our school makes progress with our children but only pertains to academic data in terms of reading, writing and mathematics.

Department for Education Performance Tables

The performance of the school as outlined by the Department for Education Performance Tables can be found HERE.

End of KS2 assessments 2016

This year, the government's Standards & Testing Agency have published an information leaflet for parents about the results from the National Curriculum assessments at the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6).

The Performance of the School in National Curriculum Tests at KS2 for 2017

All schools are legally required to publish the results of the National Curriculum tests at KS2 annually. 2016 was the first year that the government used scaled scores and new progress measures and this will take some time to bed in; you can read more about this from the Department for Education HERE.

In the table below you will be able to see the performance of KS2 2017 in terms of attainment and progress.

We are very proud of the progress made by the Y6 children in 2017 as all the progress grades are well above average.

Attainment & Progress 2017 (unvalidated)

Attainment & Progress 2017