We are proud to celebrate our Christian faith at our church school and hold worship each morning in school. We have a scheme for worship which we follow and each year is different from the next on a 3 year cycle.

On Monday morning Miss Taylor leads whole school worship.

On Tuesday morning, the children meet as Infants or as Juniors in smaller groups.

On Wednesday morning Miss Harper leads whole school worship.

On Thursday morning Father Martin leads whole school worship.

On Friday morning we have different forms of worship on a rota. On some Friday mornings, classes will lead whole school worship. On other Friday mornings each class will have their own class worship in classrooms. At other times we hold assemblies to celebrate the achievements of the children.

There are times when the worship group of children will plan and lead worship.


We believe that it is important that children are given the opportunity to develop their own relationship with God. A huge part of this relationship is prayer which is their time to talk to God. Therefore we  teach the children how to pray and why it is important to talk to God in prayer. At lunchtime the children say a prayer in their classes to thank God for their food and at the end of the day we say a prayer in classes to thank God for the day he has given us.