The Old Schoolhouse on Division Lane was the birthplace of education on Marton Moss. Do you know who owned the property and the dates beween which they lived there?

Thanks to Mrs Ridge we now know that the lady is Jane Webster (daughter of John and Alice Webster) and it appears likely that the children are Jane's children.

Mrs Ridge's great grandma (Nannie) was born here and she was the ninth child of John and Alice Webster. They lived here prior to Blackpool Council condemning it in 1956.

Sadly the schoolhouse is in a state of dereliction and covered with ivy.

The floor of the house is covered with hay and it appears that animals were kept there at some stage.

Window frames remain still as do the remnants of curtains!

The entire area is covered with ivy and the building probably has no more than a couple of years left, such is the state of dis-repair.